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About Noteworthy

Since our founding in October of 2000, Noteworthy has had the distinction of being the only group on the Cal campus whose main purpose is to showcase original student compositions.  While our heart is in the original music, we are also well known for our original take on popular covers, not being afraid to take on the pop-diva du-jour or the most irreverent songs from other popular music.

We are Cal’s SERIOUS a cappella group, seriously…

-Ben Sklaroff ’14

In the end, though: Noteworthy is about fun; that’s pretty much the only reason we’re here.  I mean, let’s face it, this REALLY isn’t going to help any of us get into grad school.  No, we all love to sing and sing well and we heartily believe that if the performers are having fun then so is the audience.

Because of our unique take on a cappella, treating it as an entire performance–perfecting not only our music but our humor and choreography as well–we have become a major fixture on campus and the bay area, having been asked to perform at San Francisco City Hall, as well as University House (for the Chancellor’s Forum)The Faculty Club and UC Berkeley’s  Commencement ceremonies.

And what could be more fun than an a cappella concert!?  Not much, we believe.  We love to host groups from all over the country and have, in recent years, played host to Harvard College’s LowKeys and The University of Southern California’s Trojan Men.  If you’re an a cappella group thinking of touring in the Bay Area, please let us know and we’ll put together an awesome show for you if we possibly can!

Now, while we may believe that an a cappella show is, like, totally the coolest thing ever, we understand there are some that maybe don’t necessarily agree with us.  Therefore, every Spring break, we embark on a mission to convince more people of this, choosing a geographic area and singing at as many high schools and community organizations as we can muster.

You guys definitely have the BEST outfits!

–Mary-Catherine Birgenau (wife of UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgenau)

If there’s anything that we love more than singing, it’s the best university in the world: UC Berkeley GO BEARS!  If you’re tailgating around campus, be on the look out for us walking around; we wouldn’t be caught dead on the Saturday of a cal football game without our blue-and-golds on, spreading cal cheer to all in our path.  In fact, if you e-mail us with where you’ll be, we’ll be sure to stop by; all we ask is for your enthusiastic attention!  We’re also big fans of convincing people to chose UC Berkeley and getting the student body riled up with our unique renditions of popular Cal songs.

We are also the progenitors and hosts of UC Berkeley’s A Cappella “Orientation”, Welcome [Back] to A Cappella having come up with the idea in 2008.  At the beginning of every semester, students pack one of the largest lecture halls on campus to hear all 13+ campus a cappella groupsperform a short set introducing themselves to all the new Golden Bears.  This show is always a whole lot of fun and costs a whole lot of nothing so we hope you’ll join us for it!


-Sharon Osbourne

Now that you know a little more about us, we invite you to learn more!  Explore all the tabs up top, check us out when you can hear us or BETTER YET consider hiring us for your upcoming event.  We now have a full history of all of the great Noteworthy alumni since we began.  You can see this list right here.  GO BEARS