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So you want to be a man who is worthy of note? You probably already are!

Noteworthy hosts auditions at the beginning of every semester and occasionally at the end of spring semester. We ask that you come prepared with a 1-2 minute solo showing your strengths as a singer.

The audition process generally consists of musicianship tests, the solo performance, and some sight singing. If you can’t sight sing very well, don’t back down – many members of the group (including myself) started off with a sight singing ability that was next to abysmal.

We will hold callbacks on the following day as auditions – callbacks can vary in content based on what we’re looking for. Oftentimes we’ll be checking for blending ability, ability to learn a part in a timely manner, as well as seeing how you work in a group setting. We occasionally have another round of callbacks, and this is generally based on something specific we are looking for in new members, and it is solely based on the people auditioning.

Speaking of which, who can audition? We are (much to the disappointment of many womenfolk out there) an all-male a cappella group, so we are looking for basses, baritones, tenors, and vocal percussionists/beatboxers. We encourage students of all levels to audition, even if just for the experience. If you are a high school student who is visiting campus and have already submitted your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), we welcome you to audition!

Check out our Facebook page for updates about auditions!

If you are interested but cannot come to auditions, please email us at noteworthy@ucchoral.berkeley.edu for more information or to talk about scheduling an audition.