Noteworthy hosts auditions at the beginning of every semester. Our auditions are about 10-20 minutes long and consist of warmups, vocal exercises, and a solo! Come prepared with a 30-60 second solo (about 1 verse and 1 chorus of song) of any genre of your choosing. Don’t be afraid if you don’t have a lot of experience singing: many of our best members had only a little experience but grew to be amazing singers within our group!

We hold callbacks on the Saturday of audition week, and callbacks can vary depending on what we’re looking for. We often look for blending, learning, group singing, and collaboration skills. Callbacks are 2-3 rounds depending on the auditionees and what we’re looking for!

We are a lower-voices group, so we are looking for basses, baritones, tenors, altos, and vocal percussionists/beatboxers. We encourage students of all levels to audition; don’t be afraid if it’s your first time!

You can find the audition sign-up form with more info here.

If you are interested but have a time conflict with auditions or callbacks, please email us at for more information or to talk about scheduling a special audition.